Dozy Mmobuosi’s drive to promote good health for Nigerians

According to a 2019 Lancet article, Nigeria has the fifth highest risk for prostate cancer mortality globally, with the cancer also the most common and deadly in Nigerian men.

To ensure this is reversed, the Dozy Mmobuosi Foundation recently committed $10 million to screen Nigerian males for prostate cancer, starting with Lagos State, thereby enabling early detection. Healthcare experts universally recognise early detection as one of the most excellent tools to combat the disease.

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Dozy Mmobuosi, Tingo, Inc Founder and philanthropist, made the commitment to build mobile screening facilities to offer free screening across the country.

Several years ago, Mmobuosi’s father was diagnosed with prostate cancer, which was treated early. His commitment is part of his drive to address Africa’s pressing challenges, starting with his home country, Nigeria.

Mmobuosi, an Ambrose Alli University and Universiti Putra Malaysia graduate, launched his Africa-focused Foundation in December 2021 to provide healthcare support for people while also being at the fore of gender-related issues, and other sectors like education, vaccine production and distribution.

The Nigerian Medical Association and the Rotary Club have endorsed the Free Prostate Cancer initiative, which already has over one hundred medical practitioners and four thousand volunteers.

Discussing the Initiative, serial entrepreneur, Mmobuosi, reiterates that early detection of prostate cancer is the best method to reduce mortality attributable to the disease.

More than 30 buses with advanced screening capabilities will be deployed over time by the Foundation for its ongoing free screening in Lagos State.

With seasoned medical professionals such as Segun Sanni, Medical Coordinator of Dozy Mmobuosi Foundation Mobile Prostate Cancer Screening Service, the social good that Mmobuosi is striving for is clear for all to see.

The Dozy Mmobuosi Foundation is not just offering free prostate screening; it also provides treatment and follow-up consultation.

Mmobuosi affirmed that the Initiative is designed to assist millions of Nigerian men who might not have the financial resources to treat prostate cancer early enough. He believes this will make Nigerian men live longer because of early detection while ensuring they have more disposable income. People will often avoid healthcare screenings due to the costs involved. It, therefore, largely falls on free initiatives like this to tackle the issue and ensure a better tomorrow for countries like Nigeria.

Forty-three-year-old Dozy Mmobuosi co-founded Tingo Mobile PLC (Nigeria) in 2001 and is its Group Chief Executive Officer. Dozy has vast global experience in South-East Asia, China, United Arab Emirates, Bulgaria, the USA and the UK. An adviser to corporate clients steering the strategy and design of business plans (investments, acquisition, and organic growth) into new global markets across three continents, he has directed Tingo’s significant operating growth with over $500 million in annual revenue.

Mmobuosi completed an Advanced Management Programme at the Saïd Business School, University of Oxford.

In 2013, Dozy led a team of 123 Chinese and Nigerian engineers to set up two mobile phone assembly facilities in Lakowe and Lugbe, Nigeria. These facilities have produced over 20 million mobile devices, which have been distributed across Nigeria. Dozy is currently co-sponsoring a special purpose acquisition company, or SPAC (Africa Acquisition Corp, Inc), targeted at acquiring a natural resources company in Africa. Mr Mmobuosi received a BSc in Political Science in 2001 and an MSc in Economics in 2003 from the Ambrose Alli University Ekpoma, Edo State, Nigeria. In 2007, he received a PhD in Rural Advancement from UPM Malaysia. In December 2021, he founded the Dozy Mmobuosi Foundation, a non-profit organisation working across sectors, including healthcare and education, and aspiring to empower Africans for a more sustainable future.

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